Welcome to Home Brew Tool

"This tiny app is the powerhouse you need to level up your homebrew!"

  • Beginner friendly: Our user interface is made for brewers that just want to brew beer, we have made it as simple as possible so you can worry about doing what you love!
  • ​Recipes: Save the recipes that you love and rate them on your phone, then sort them later by color, rating, and recipe name
  • iCalendar Integration: Automatically create iCalendar events so you can easily schedule when to finish your batches
  • Track your data: Let the app calculate your mash efficiency and your yeast attenuation for you! No more math when you should be brewing beer
  • Coming Soon: Tutorial videos showing you how to use this powerful app!
The Four Steps to Better Home Brewed Beer
Home Brew Tool is a tool designed by home brewers, for home brewers, so you know that if there is anything not working for home brewers, we'll change it! We take feedback very seriously, and if you have any questions related to features requests or bugs, we want to hear from you!

Here are some of the things that you will get in the Home Brew Tool app!

Let us do the math for you

Home Brew Tool lets you worry about brewing beer! Leave all the complicated calculations about volume of water, expected ABV and IBU to the app, while you can focus on what you love.

Fits to your workflow

We made this app because we wanted something that fit our workflow. The app is designed to match the step by step process of brewing your beer, and will save you a ton time by keeping everything in one place.

Tons of preloaded ingredients

We are constantly trying to stay on top of the multitude malts, hops, yeast and other ingredients that are coming to market, so we've added a ton to our built in library! Can't find the one you want? No problem! You can add it as a preset, and it will be saved to your phone for future recipes!

Always free!

Home Brew Tool has been loaded with tons of free features only available behind paywalls in other apps. 
We will never hide features behind a premium subscription. We provide a subscription feature that allows users who are grateful to support Home Brew Tool and its future development. As a thank you, we remove the ads for our subscribers.
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